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Gas fittings and meters

A full range of valves for all types of applications and for all types of gas, from LPG to Natural Gas, as well as industrial and medical gases.

LPG Fittings

A complete range of Propane, Butane or Bu/Pro mix valves for the export market. Fits on any type of cylinder.

LPG valves

A wide selection of 20mm and 27mm diameter valves (without a valve, with a valve, with a fuse)... used in France. They are also available in different diameters to suit certain export markets (e.g. Africa).

High pressure industrial gases

A selection of standard or residual pressure valves for all types of industrial applications, as well as a range of valves with built-in pressure relief, mainly intended for welding applications. A wide range of high pressure regulators as well.

High pressure medical gases

Various valves for all types of medical gases, as well as a range of pressure relief valves with a flow controller.


A collection of diaphragm, rotary piston and turbine meters (from G4 to G650).

Special gases

Various valves for special applications, such as the electronics industry, refrigerant gases, diving cylinders and cylinders for Insulating Respiratory Apparatus (I.R.A.) .

Tank accessories

These accessories can be fitted to all types of tanks (underground, above ground or road tanks), in small or large quantities.

Gas flow valves

An extensive line of ¾'' and 1''1/4 valves, with or without a relief valve, for all types of underground or above ground tanks.

Conical / Cylindrical valves

A wide choice of conical and cylindrical valves, of different diameters and settings, suitable for all types of tanks. This range also includes the matching valve holders for each type of valve.

Check valves

A complete range of liquid check valves in ¾'' and 1''1/4 and double check filler valves with or without an automatic shut-off, suitable for all types of tanks.


A wide range of Junior magnetic gauges for 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1250mm diameter tanks.

LPG regulators and natural gas regulators

A wide variety of gas cylinder regulators for home, outdoor, leisure and professional use.

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Cavagna present in your daily life for 40 years

Every gas-fired Favex products use Cavagna group gas connection. Reliable and quality guarantee, the cylinder valves, regulators, fittings and LPG tank accessories are made in Italia by Cavagna group and certified by the world’s most serious standards organizations. The world’s greatest propaners trust us. A strategic and operational chain consider every steps of customer relationship by ensuring product availability, thus offering an high level of listening and guaranteeing fast delivery times in the best commercial conditions.

Click-Click plug & play connected gas

Easy to use and efficient, the Click Click connected gas inverter enables logistics and optimized financial management of your gas cylinder fleet. It clips onto your Cavagna inverter and allows you to connect from a computer or tablet to control the condition of your gas cylinders. Practical, it sends you alerts in real time and allows you to locate your gas cylinder on an interactive map. Ideal for outdoor hospitality professionals, it brings an innovative, efficient and accessible solution to relieve your teams!

The new PRODIGI 4

The latest addition to our range of meters, the PRODIGI 4 has a new ultrasonic metering technology that provides highly accurate metering. This G4 type device is an intelligent meter for remote reading via communication networks such as SIGFOX, LORA, GSM, WIFI, BLUETOOTH…

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Gas connection

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