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Functional in all weathers, the outdoor devices of the American brand Mosquito Magnet® have been providing long-lasting protection against mosquitoes for more than 15 years. Effective 24/7, they work on large surfaces up to 4000 m². Ingenious and eco-responsible, they target, attract, capture and eliminate only mosquitoes, thus ensuring the protection of other insects essential to the ecosystem. Quiet and odourless, they rid you of all types of mosquitoes for the entire season only a few days after their installation.

Mosquito Magnet : How does it work ?

Counterflow technology attracts mosquitoes by reproducing human respiration through a mixture of CO2 and natural-based, non-odorous attractants, then sucks them in to capture them permanently in an easy-to-clean net.

It is the most effective and least toxic way to get rid of mosquitoes for all outdoor use!


Install your 13kg Butane gas cylinder to run your appliance continuously for 1 month.


Add the cartridge of R-Octenol attractant (substance produced by plants and some animals) and/or Lurex 3 (specially dedicated to tiger mosquitoes) to be changed every month.


Check that the net of your device is empty. As soon as it is half full, empty it and wash it by hand.


Place your Mosquito Magnet ® outside, in the shade and exposed to the wind between the insects' breeding area (ponds, streams, bushes, etc.) and at least 12m from the living area.


Switch the unit on. Observe a significant reduction in the pest population after 4 to 6 weeks and enjoy your garden peacefully and at any time of day!


Quiet and odorless

Eco-friendly: pollution and toxicity free

Easy to assemble and manipulate

24/7 protection

Delivering visible and effective results within a couple of hours

Works in all weather conditions

No combustion flames


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Tiger mosquito :
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Compact and practical devices to get rid of mosquitoes in the house or garden! Innovative and effective, the Master Trap targets all mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, biting flies, wasps, hornets, moths, bugs, biting midges and other flying pests.

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